Piccolo Resources:


Etude Books:  adapt as needed

  • W. Ferling- 48 Famous Studies for Oboe or Saxophone (or piccolo), a favorite of the legendary William Hebert.
  • Jean Louise Beaumandier- Excercices pour Flute Piccolo
  • Towarnicki- Studium Techniki, Pub. PWM, a favorite of the wonderful Jack Wellbaum ,"the Polish Piccolo book"
  • Clement Barone- Learning the Piccolo
  • Patricia Morris- The Piccolo Study Book
  • Patricia Morris/Trevor Wye- A Piccolo Practice Book (mostly excerpts and a few tone studies)
  • Hugues- 40 Nuovi Studi per flauto, a good introduction to piccolo etudes.
  • A Basic Guide to Fingerings for the Piccolo, Stephen Tanzer, great resource

Excerpts Books: Always try to practice from a real part.

Jack Wellbaum- Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo and Piano

Peters Edition- Orchestral Excerpts

Favorite Piccolo Pieces: for the aspiring octiva, adapt as needed. For a more thorough listing of concerti, see Piccolo Concerti page.

  • Vinci- Sonata  (pre-Vivaldi)
  • Blavet -Flute Concerto (pre-Vivaldi)
  • Telemann -Sonatas
  • CPE Bach- unaccompanied Sonata
  • Hovland, Egil Concerto for Piccolo and Strings
  • Liebermann, Lowell-Concerto for Piccolo
  • Mc Kimm, Barry- Concerto for Piccolo
  • D. Wilson-Whispers From Another Time, 
  • Persichetti- Parable
  •  Schoenfield, Paul - Sonatina for Piccolo and Piano "Psychobird"