Leadership Coaching


As an acclaimed teacher with 25 years of Individual Coaching experience, Mary Kay offers effective techniques for excellence in all kinds of performance, used in fields beyond music. She helps clients enhance inner strengths and consider where values and personal vision merge, ultimately helping them convert that intersection into opportunity. Focusing on personal and organizational wellness, a coach helps her clients identify the underlying motivations that guide their behavior and helps them craft a plan for development.

Workshops include:

    Leadership, Creativity, Innovation

    The Entrepreneurial Musician

    The Art of Engagement- performance skills, distraction control, self talk, consistency, creative recoveries, managing nerves



 Holistic Performance Coaching

Mary Kay has been helping individuals develop their talent for over 20 years through integrative personal wellness. She will help you clarify your goals, reconnect with your passion, and achieve your dreams. 

   Clinics include: Tensility- of or relating to tension, capable of being drawn or stretched out. Mind/Body Wellness and incorporates...

  • Visualization
  • Distraction control
  • Focus
  • Self talk
  • Wellness- mind and body
  • Managing Nerves
  • Creative Recoveries
  • Mental, Emotional and Physical Conditioning
  • Accessing Ideal Performance State
  • Mental Readiness
  • Confidence
  • Nurturing Pure Connection
  • Consistency
  • Resilience
  • Blocked Creativity
Mary Kay found extremely innovative ways to blend my music major with my Spanish major, and helped me pull off two recitals and an exit jury that I never would have believed possible. As a music teacher, she had a way of making me want to work harder than I ever had before. Her passion and vibrancy pushed me to levels that I didn’t know I had, and to this day I am eternally grateful.
— A. E.

 Holistic Career Coaching

Mary Kay helps clients enhance their leadership effectiveness and reach their personal and professional goals. She has worked extensively with clients in both individual and organizational settings finding a work/life balance. Your relationship with your coach means a safe place for reflection, a path to increased self-awareness, wellness and a source of positive support.

She was never just the music teacher who I saw once a week for a lesson – we also met for coffee, she brought me to performances, and pushed me into every opportunity she thought could possibly be good for my career. She always made herself available to me.
— N. T.

Mary Kay has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Performance and is certified in Executive Management through the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She has a background in performance, the performing arts and education and over 25 years of coaching experience working with professionals and college students.  

Mary Kay’s coaching style draws from a unique blend of disciplines including: Music Performance, Cognitive Neuroscience, Performance Psychology, Talent Development and Holistic Health.